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HIB Information
District Anti-Bullying Coordinators & Specialists
Jessica Piernik, Deane-Porter
Contact Information:
      732-842-0383 x409
Nancy Pearson, Forrestdale
Contact Information:
      732-842-0330 x455

Affirmative Action Info

District Affirmative Action and Title IX Officer
Michael Snyder, Supervisor of Special Education

Contact Information:

District 504 Officer
Vera Ridoux, Supervisor of Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessments

Contact information:

Forrestdale School Staff 

Mrs. Jennifer Gibbons, Principal
School Phone: 732-842-0383
School Fax: 732-219-9458


Forrestdale School Administration

Title Name Phone Email
Principal, Forrestdale School Mrs. Jennifer Gibbons 732-842-0383 x314 e-mail
Administrative Assistant, Principal  Mrs. Tricia Zifchak 732-842-0383 x314 e-mail
School Administrative Assistant Mrs. Ann Zimbile 732-842-0383 x331 e-mail

Curriculum, Instruction & Assessments

Title Name Phone Email
CI&A Supervisor Mrs. Vera Ridoux 732-945-3100 e-mail
CI&A Administrative Asst.  Ms. Jennifer Wargo 732-945-3100 e-mail

Teachers & Staff

Grade / Subject Name (click for website) Phone Email
Fourth Grade Mrs. Loreen Haldane
Mrs. Meghan Salowe
x104 e-mail
Fourth Grade Mrs. Kelly McGowan x105 e-mail
Fourth Grade Ms. Sharon Mikolajczyk x102 e-mail
Fourth Grade Mrs. Lori Pomphrey
Mr. Nick Varanelli
x101 e-mail
Fourth Grade Ms. Jamie Friedman  x408 e-mail
Grade 4/5 Science Specialist

Ms. Brittaney Flynn - Grade 4

Ms. Brittaney Flynn - Grade 5

x107 e-mail
Fifth Grade Mrs. Aimee Humbert x103 e-mail
Fifth Grade

Ms. Brittney Hogan 

Mr. John Bellavance

x102 e-mail
Fifth Grade Ms. Meghan Kain x106 e-mail
Fifth Grade Mrs. Pam Mannion x109 e-mail
Fifth Grade Mrs. Heather Mutto x108 e-mail
Sixth Grade - Science Mr. Judge Ellis x114 e-mail
Sixth Grade - Social Studies Mr. Dan Morrone x111 e-mail
Sixth Grade - Math Mr. Joe Novellino x112 e-mail
Sixth Grade - Math Mrs. Amanda O'Neill x116 e-mail
Sixth Grade - ELA Mrs. Carol Tagliareni x115 e-mail
Sixth Grade - ELA Mrs. Lori Zucker x116 e-mail
Seventh Grade - Science Mrs. Lauren Bennett x122 e-mail
Seventh Grade - Science Mrs. Jennifer Crow x122 e-mail
Seventh Grade -  Math Mrs. Lisa Jacobowitz x120 e-mail
Seventh Grade - Social Studies Mr. Keith Laviola x124 e-mail
Seventh Grade - ELA Mrs. Kristen Downs x123 e-mail
Seventh Grade - ELA Ms. Jennifer Stahl x119 e-mail
Seventh Grade- Math Mrs. Sommer VanDeBoe x410 e-mail
Eighth Grade - Science Mrs. Dawn Cappetto x161 e-mail
Eighth Grade - 7/8 Math Mr. Scott Davidson x128 e-mail
Eighth Grade - Social Studies Mrs. Michelle Devoy x130 e-mail
Eighth Grade - ELA Mrs. Caroline DeWyngaert x132 e-mail
Eighth Grade - Math Mrs. Suzanne Mauri x103 e-mail
Eighth Grade - ELA Ms. Kate Sullivan x129 e-mail
World Languages - French Mrs. Natalie Carroll   e-mail
World Languages - Spanish Mrs. Justine Otero   e-mail
World Languages - Spanish Ms. Susan Strauss   e-mail
Health Mrs. Lucrezia Holmes x412 e-mail
Computer Technology Mr. Chris Macioch x159 e-mail

Mrs. Maureen Gordon

Mr. Chris Macioch





Enrichment Program (Jet)

Mrs. Maureen Gordon

Ms. Janet Scratchley





Special Education Ms. Corine Brennan x165 e-mail
Special Education Mr. John Bellavance x111 e-mail
Special Education Mrs. Jamie Burns x410 e-mail
Special Education Mr. Salvatore Frisina x116 e-mail
Special Education Mrs. Jessica Hawkins x158 e-mail
Special Education Mrs. Kristen Kerstetter x408 e-mail
Special Education Mrs. Catherine Obszarny x406 e-mail
Special Education Mrs. Sandy Pignataro x407 e-mail
Special Education Mrs. Lisa Spillane-Eldrige x410 e-mail
Visual Arts Mrs. Amy Lepping x163 e-mail
Instructional Media / Library Mrs. Liz Waters x317 e-mail
Instructional Media / Library (AM Aide) Ms. Debra Harwood x317 e-mail
Instructional Media / Library (PM Aide) Ms. Carrie Marxen x317 e-mail
Music Mr. John Lebitsch x133 e-mail
Music Mrs. Barbara Leutz x160 e-mail
Physical Education Mrs. Robin Gordon x191 e-mail
Physical Education Mr. James Schnappauf x192 e-mail
Nurse Ms. Maria Montañez x318 e-mail
School Counselor Ms. Nancy Pearson x455 e-mail
Child Study Team, School Psychologist Mr. Spencer Austin x325 e-mail
Child Study Team, BCBA Mrs. Kimberly Bohichik x222 e-mail
Child Study Team, LDTC Mrs. Arlene Troynousky x359 e-mail
Child Study Team, LDTC Mrs. Sandy Self x237 e-mail
 Network Manger / Tech Specialist Mr. Louis Pelissier x162 e-mail
  Mrs. Kim Rose    


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