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Special Announcements

March  A/B schedule

Please note revised  A/B schedule due to PARCC testing 

Monday 3/23 Day A

Tuesday 3/24 Day A

Wednesday 3/25 Day B 1:00 dismissal

Thursday 3/26 Day A 1:00 dismissal

Friday 3/27 Day B


Important 8th grade Information

Please visit the 8th grade page for important information about makeup testing at RFH

RFH course selection dates:

Please note that if your course selection was on March 10, your new date is March 26

March 11, your new date is March 2

Please remember to keep your original scheduled time and adhere to the new date


New conference dates:

Wednesday, March 25th-make up date from Thursday, 3/5

Thursday, March 26th-make up date from Friday, 3/6

Please keep your original scheduled time and adhere to  the new dates

Please note that March 25th and 26th are 1:00 dismissal days





Important Safety Reminders: 

  • Students are reminded to cross intersections only where a Crossing Guard is present. 
  • Students riding bikes or skateboards to school MUST wear helmets.  Bikes must be placed at a bike rack and locked while school is in session. Bikes and skateboards may not be driven on campus; students MUST walk these on campus.  
  • Prior to entering the building, you must ring the door buzzer and state your name and purpose for visiting.  You MUST report to the Main Office to sign in immediately, which includes dropping off items. 
  • Please pull up and drop off at the Gym Door, not the Main Entrance door.  This allows for more cars to pull into the loop and drop off.
  • Do not drop students off in the street or in the Forrest Avenue staff parking lot.  Students are not to be discharged on Blackpoint Road at any time. 

 General Reminders:

  • Dogs are not permitted on school property for safety and medical reasons.  Please do not bring dogs to arrival or dismissal.
  • Please refrain from bringing in birthday treats during lunches, as we need your assistance in keeping the Cafeteria safe and orderly.
  • Students may ride only their assigned bus.  This means students may not ride a friend's bus home.  Bus seats are limited and we are responsible to account for everyone.
  • Please check your child's backpack on Tuesdays for important notices and visit the Virtual Backpack.
  • Students are not permitted in the building before 8:40 am, unless meeting with a teacher or using the library for study hall.  Teachers are not required to be on duty until 8:40 am, and students may not be in the building without supervision.  Please make every effort to drop off students as close to 8:40 am as possible.
  • Students are NOT permitted to utilize aeresol deodorants, perfumes, or other sprays (such as Axe) in the school building for safety reasons.  This includes bathrooms and the locker rooms.


2014-2015 Marking Periods


Marking Period 1

September 4, 2014- November 5, 2014       

Interim reports due October 3, 2014          

Interim reports mailed October 7, 2014         

Grades Due November 13, 2014

Report cards go home November 18, 2014



Monday, December 1, 2014  - FD Night Conferences

Tuesday, December 2, 2014  - DP Night Conferences

December 3, 4, and 5  - 1:00 p.m. Dismissal for Conferences


Marking Period 2

November 10, 2014- January 23, 2014          

Interim reports due December 12, 2014

Interim reports mailed December 16, 2014   

Grades due  January 29, 2015

Report cards go home February 3, 2015



Marking Period 3

January 26, 2015- April 10, 2015                 

 Interim reports due February 24, 2015

Interim reports mailed February 26, 2015     

Grades due April 16, 2015

Report cards go home April 21, 2015



Tuesday, March 3, 2015   -  DP Night Conferences

Wednesday, March  4, 2015  -  FD Night Conferences

March 5 and 6  -  1:00 p.m. Dismissal for Conferences



Marking Period 4

April 13, 2015- June 16, 2015                       

Interim reports due May 7, 2015

Interim reports mailed May 12, 2015            

Grades due June 18, 2015

Report cards go home June 18, 2015 (DP)

Report cards mailed home June 30, 2015 (FD)          

Paw Print Press Issue 2 2014-15 (pdf)
The Paw Print Press club has published its second edition for the 2014-15 school year. Please click the "More" link to view.

A-B Day Calendar
To see what days are A or B days, please click here...

Frequently Asked Questions

Reporting Absences
Please report your child's absence from or planned lateness to school by 9:00 am. You should call 732-842-0383, option 1 to leave a message or speak to Cathy Hawn. Your attention to this will save time and help us account for all students in an efficient manner. If your child is arriving late from a medical appointment, be sure to ask your medical provider for a note in order for the lateness to be excused. Please note that Deane-Porter school has a separate attendance line. Deane-Porter's number is 732-842-0330.

Phone Calls Home
Please remind your children that if they call you from school, they should leave a message when they do not reach you. If our nurse or school office contacts you, we will always leave a message. If you need to call back, please call 732-842-0383. Bear in mind that the number that shows up on your caller ID will not identify accurately where the call originated. Please listen to your voicemail message before calling the school back, and dial the main office number for the school of your child's enrollment.

Virtual Backpack
Check here for more information or to find copies of misplaced papers.

Forrestdale School Anti-Bullying Specialist
Jennifer Crow, School Counselor, is the Anti-Bullying Specialist for Forrestdale School.
Contact Information: jcrow@rumsonschool.org or 732-842-0383 x455
Laurie Volpe, Supervisor of Curriculum, Instruction & Guidance, is the district Anti-Bullying Coordinator.
Contact Information: lvolpe@rumsonschool.org or 732-945-3100

Deane-Porter School
50 Black Point Road
Rumson, NJ 07760
Phone: 732-842-0330  
Fax: 732-212-0843 

Forrestdale School
60 Forrest Avenue
Rumson, NJ 07760
Phone:  732-842-0383
Fax: 732-219-9458 


Superintendent's Office
60 Forrest Avenue
Rumson, NJ 07760
Phone: 732-842-4747 
Fax: 732-842-4877

Business Office
60 Forrest Avenue
Rumson, NJ 07760
Phone: 732-842-0354
Fax: 732-842-4877