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Summer Assignments



The summer Reading and Math assignments and/or suggested work for students
entering Grades K - 8 are linked below.

Please click the appropriate link(s) for your grade level in September, 2017 to see the details. 

Grade in September, 2017 Reading Link Math Link
Entering Kindergarten Reading No Math
Entering Grade 1 Reading Math
Entering Grade 2 Reading Math
Entering Grade 3 Reading Math
Entering Grade 4 Reading Math
Entering Grade 5 Reading Math
Entering Grade 6 Reading Math
Entering Grade 7 Reading Math
Entering Grade 8 Reading       Math     

Please refer to the  RFH website  for complete details on all summer requirements for new Grade 9 students.   

If you have any questions, please contact the Curriculum Office on 732-945-3100.